Services for Live-in Nannies and Caregivers


Nanny Academy offers the opportunity to gain Canadian work experience through caregiving by matching those who qualify to local families living in the Greater Toronto Area. The employers we recommend have all passed our screening and eligibility requirements and have agreed to follow labour laws on wage, working conditions and occupation. You and the employer will mutually agree on terms of placement after getting to know each other over a few virtual meetings. As an in-home caregiver, you will be provided a private bedroom in the employer family’s home where the care is provided according to the employment contract as negotiated.

Benefits as an In-Home Nanny / Caregiver:

Nanny Academy is a unique company because we go the distance to offer the best experience and support to our caregivers every step of the way. Besides the great international work experience, being a Nanny Academy Nanny/ Caregiver offers many benefits:  

Cultural Experience

Immerse into another country’s culture, language, customs and lifestyle as a local. Toronto is a great city that boasts cultural diversity with lots to offer in terms of its many unique attractions, neighbourhoods, points of interest and year-long special events. Learn more

Learning &

Personal Development


On top of the training and orientation provided once you are matched with a family, it may be possible to plan for arrangementsto take an interest or professional course during your personal timewith your employer. This international learning experience will enhance your skillsets and long term marketability.

Being out of your comfort zone working in a new country for a new family sparks new perspective, learning and experience. A career in caregiving will grow your maturity, sense of responsibility, patience and compassion.



Canadianlabour laws and employment standards are above average in comparison to many other countries, along with a fair tax system. You can expect acompetitive income, which will also likely behigher than your previous salary. See FAQs for more details


2 weeks for every 12 consecutive months worked


Free and included in the employment contract. 


Your employer will share their home with you and provide you with a private bedroom (with lock). This is the most cost-effective accommodation for the length of your stay as room and board is free for the duration of your contract. 

Support & Service

We offer support to families and caregivers throughout your placement to mediate any issues that may come up and provide advice or information. That is our strategy to attract and retain talent!

Cost savings

Use of Nanny Academy's Preferred Pricing for services we have already negotiated.

Social activities

We encourage you to build new networks and make friends in Canada, and organize various regular social events for you to join during your personal time.

Contract term

Your initial contract is usually 2 years in duration, exclusive to the employer on your work permit only. Renewal terms and conditions can be discussed between you and your employer upon completion of the initial contract. At that time, it is also possible to apply for open permit and permanent residency which will allow you to stay in Canada and work at any job for any employer of your choice.


It is a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when you have made positive and long-term influence in someone else’s life at a critical time of need; regardless of how appreciation is shown through different families or cultures.

Responsibilities as an In-Home Nanny / Caregiver may include:


Caregiver for Senior / Special needs

Work unsupervised and given full responsibility by family

Work unsupervised and given full responsibility by family

Personal hygiene care for infants / children (diaper change, bath, dress, bottle feed)

Personal hygiene care (bath, dress)

Meal preparation - Make baby food, breakfast and lunches (or lunchbox) for children

Meal preparation - according to dietary needs

Keep children entertained, guarding their safety as top priority (avoid choking, falls etc.)

Serve and assist eating meals

Prepare children for school or bedtime

Grocery Shopping

Accompany children on outings (e.g. parks, classes, activities, playgroup, library, doctor appointments)

Escort out-of-home activities (walks, doctor appointments, social activities)

Pickup  / Drop off children to school

Liaise with professionals (doctors, para-medical)

Light housekeeping duties  – washing, laundry, cleaning etc.

Light housekeeping duties  – washing, laundry, cleaning etc.

Travel with family

Travel with senior / person with special needs

Help with reading / homework

Care for special illness (e.g. Alzheimer’s, diabetes, hypertension, Parkinson’s, Dementia, Arthritis)

Follow family’s guidelines in support of children’s physical development (nutrition, sleep, motor skills)

Care of specific disabilities (e.g. Bedridden, handicapped)

Follow family’s guidelinesto handle behaviour or disciplinary issues

Monitoring (food, medication, elimination, etc.)

Caregiver Program Eligibility:



Minimum of 21 years old

Work Experience

A minimum of one year of experience as a full-time caregiver (other than your own family members and including 6 months with the same employer) OR 6 month caregiver course at a qualified institution



Proof of High School completion, compliant with Canadian standards

Criminal Record & Police clearance

Police clearances from your present resident country and other countries you worked in since 18 years of age



Valid passport



A minimum of two verifiable reference



Full confidence that your medical exam will be approved



Fluency in English or French (both written and spoken)


It is our mandate for each matched nanny and caregiver to complete our comprehensive training and orientation program, commencing upon approval of their work permit. This allows us to be confident that each caregiver is well-equipped to fulfill the specific requirements of their matched family.