Services for Families

Sometimes, there is just not enough of you to go around juggling life’s demands, especially when the needs of a family keeps evolving. Deciding on what type of care can be stressful and confusing; Nanny Academy can give you the peace of mind and save you unnecessary stress, time and money. With our optimal team and a recipe for success, we do it right the first time from matching to processing. We believe every successful match is driven by fit, and we have different programs with unique advantages to meet your family’s needs. When deciding on child, senior or special care options, there are many emotional, financial and physical criteria to consider. We can help you to navigate through all options and determine if homecare is right choice to your loved one through our needs assessment. The benefits of a great nanny, au pair or caregiverare endless:

Benefits for you 


Benefits for your loved ones


Peace of mind

Knowing your loved one(s) is receiving the best care arrangement possible

Flexibility and Convenience

Care coverage can be scheduled to when you need it. Most don’t mind babysitting for special occasions


You select who provides the care and manage how the individualized and personalized careis delivered

Household management

Help with simple household duties (like cleaning baby bottles, laundry, meal preparations, housekeeping)


More quality time with no more commute to care centers, work around center’s restricted hours, rush hour panic, delays if your live-out helper is late


Better relationships with spouse / family / friends when you are less stressed, overwhelmed and overloaded


To pursue your own goals and interests worry-free


Focus on your career (Less absence from work to accommodate when your loved one is sick or if your live-out helper is late)

Cost savings

With all the other benefits for less than other care options. Especially if there’s more than one to plan for (Learn more)


Stay in own home with help to manage household duties


Sense of security and belonging. We all strive in consistent and caring environment with family


Less exposure to germs and bacteria leading to sickness. Cleaner environment than care centerswhere harsh cleaning chemicals are used


Care from trained and experienced professional. Not all daycare / senior homes are managed equally to offer a positive and healthy environment


Care with one-on-one attention


Care to suit your specific lifestyle, schedule, routine, culture, needs and diets (Especially in Toronto’ culture mosaic)


Trusting and reliable companion to experience daily activities. This is especially helpful for elders to cope with loss of their spouse or children attending day-programs.

Mobility and Independence

Stay social and active with family, friends and community with some assistance


Derived from all the other benefits. Elders often develop depression in an institutionalized environment due to separation from loved ones

Services we offer

In-Home Nanny / Caregiver placement

Nanny Academy matches Canadian families with full-time in-home nannies or caregivers under the federal In-Home Caregiver Program. The majority of our live-in nannies and caregivers are recruited from overseas as there is a chronic shortage of quality caregivers locally in Canada. In addition to our great reputation, we have at our disposal a large network and a long history with many of our caregivers because we have worked with them since day one of their overseas career! Over the years, our caregivers have gained great experiences and skillsets elsewhere and are now looking for the new challenge of translating them to a Canadian environment, to make a better living for themselves and their families back home.

About our In-Home Nannies & Caregivers:

  • A foreign national

  • Qualified to provide care for infants, children, seniors and /or special needs without supervision

  • Lives in a private bedroom within the employer’s home where the care is being provided

  • Have formal training in geriatric care, childhood education, pediatric nursing, care-giving and first aid

  • Have extensive international experiences and are multilingual (from countries: Singapore, Italy, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Taiwan, Hong Kong, United Kingdom)

  • Are flexible with their work schedule, so you can plan for care coverage to work around your life and family schedule

  • Continues to be the most cost-effective and best value for your family care expense

Au Pairs or Live-in Caregivers? 

Au Pair Placement

Nanny Academy matches Au Pairs to Canadian hosting families with childcare needs by leveraging a cultural exchange program.  Au Pairs offerin-home childcare for a host family to learn about the Canadian culture, while sharing about their own.  Similar to the Live-in Placement, Au Pairs offer an affordable, dependable and flexible childcare solution.  It’s a win-win and proven European solution to Canadian childcare.

About our Au Pairs

  • A foreign youth (18-30 years of age) with an interest in children. Learn more

  • Live in a private bedroom in the host family’s home where the childcare is being provided

  • The term “Au Pair” means “equal to” (in French), implying that the relationship is mutual between the hosting family and the Au Pair; they are considered a member of your family (not an employee) as part of a cultural exchange

  • Job duties may include some light housekeeping

  • Are flexible with their work schedule, so you can plan for care coverage to work around your life and family schedule

  • Available on part-time or full-time basis

  • Due to their age, usually have childcare experience in their home countries, but less qualifications and experiences (unlike our In-Home caregivers). As such, they should not be expected to care for infants under 12 months old for prolonged periods without supervision.

  • Best for before or after school care or need for driving caregiver

  • A good mentor or companion for your child’s development, helping with reading and homework. In addition, they offer your child an exposure to global awareness and opportunity to understand another culture

Au Pairs or Live-in Caregivers? 

Local Nanny / Caregiver placementcommuni

Occasionally, we find qualified local nannies and caregivers to work on various employment terms (Live-In, Live-out, Part-time, Full-time, nanny-share. This is a great solution for those in need of help to start immediately, but do not wish to go through an application process or accommodate for live-in arrangements. The hourly rates for this option tends to be higher if they have an Open Work Permit, are either Permanent Residents or Canadian Citizens and they may be in short supply, especially further away from city centres.

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